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    FS Combo AV Ex+ Supergun - Seimitsu Stick / Sanwa Buttons

    Very cool, never seen a 1p version of these.
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    FS SOLD FS: Sega Astro City (read description)

    Such a long drive from central IL and would make my non-working blastcities mad but very nice and glws!
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    SOLD Sega Blast city *Norcal*

    Nice price! Merry Christmas!!!
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    Positive feedback for Advans14

    Ordered a control board and it arrived fast and well packed. Thanks.
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    Blast City monitor (MS-2931) not turning on

    I'm going to try a D9400 in one of my two dead revrun BlastCities. Glad to see so much documentation on this! I agree @notsonic is a great dude!
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    SOLD Blast city

    Thanks for this! My 2930 and 2931 tubes have different yoke impedance values and I was just guessing from some stuff Mike mentioned on his "amateur" youtube channel and the Otaku site that maybe that's why one was "dim". I haven't gotten it ever to even give neckglow though. If a simple set of...
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    SOLD Blast city

    Out of the three chassis I have all give the same impedance between pins on the flyback. Aside from that simple test (and checking for cracks and such) I don't have any magic way to check what's up. At the moment I just want to build a lightbulb so I can test B+ and some other things.
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    SOLD Blast city

    I have no idea what's up with them yet and am still working on getting them going. Pics and messages rev sent showed working but with 1 dim and 1 missing blue (?) but they just go into HV shutdown immediately. I did have some blown out image on one for a few minutes so at least one tube has...
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    SOLD Blast city

    Nice price! My two from you are still dead lol.
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    SOLD Nanao MS8-26sg monitor chassis

    Bummer. I was too late on this but does anybody know if it works on a 2931? Thanks
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    Blast City monitor (MS-2931) not turning on

    Yeah he sent pics of it working and then my wife (as an anniversary present!) drove the 800 miles to get them and neither worked at all. Unplugged the ballast on one and got a game playing but both the 2930 and 2931 (with wrong chassis) are dead (although one showed a moment of life). Bummer dude.
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    Blast City monitor (MS-2931) not turning on

    Thanks everyone for this! I purchased two last cities from revrun that "worked" only to have dead machines. Been recapping & testing components. Even purchased another 2930 chassis from eBay that was "tested working" but had blown fuses and a q901(701?) mosfet that has a short... I will have a...
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    WTB WTB: Supergun for USA use - w/RGB

    Also check out the minigun supergun. Just about as good as the HAS one imho.
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    SOLD Nanao Ms9-29

    I had the same question same question :) any chance you have neck boards with the light bulb looking HV cut off parts? I have two MS 2903s with those shorted.
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    FS Monitors for Sale MS9's, Wells gardner and Makvision.

    Still trying to get these ms2930 chassis' working but good to know there are working monitors close!
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    FS High Quality Convergence Strips for your Tubes

    I'd like a 20 pack please. Thanks!
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    Working on a Sega Blast City

    Amazing work and hugely informative for a newbie working on a pair of broken blasts. Thanks!
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    FS Sega Blast cities *SOLD*

    Dang! Sorry I missed that
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    SOLD Namco StarBlade System 21 PCB *Working*

    Absolutely epic game.
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    Sony PVM 3230

    I haven't dealt with this one but the 25" version I have and it had an annoying hiss / occasional sync loss and recapping fixed. Mine looks ok (I prefer the scanlines on the 20" 20m2 personally) but I've heard these are much better. Best of luck and be sure to discharge that sucker and be aware...