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  1. muckyfingers

    Namco Noir advice

    Ya, mine looked pretty similar, if not worse. It had, what I hope were, soda stains as well.
  2. muckyfingers

    Namco Noir advice

    That’s a great simple solution, but you would have to make sure the monitor that you are using has a bezel/frame around the monitor. If using a monitor that is bezel/frame free, the monitor would just fall forward and/or wobble around. Source: Me, trying to mount a bezel free monitor in my...
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    Namco Noir advice

    The monitor themselves are DVI and VGA, the cables in the Noir are VGA to VGA and a DVI to HDMI.
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    Xbox 360 Arcade Encoder Board

    Thanks for the quick reply. I know there’s a workaround, for those interested, it’s a little involved.
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    Xbox 360 Arcade Encoder Board

    First, this is awesome. Second, I’ve used 2x Brook encoders in the past on a PC setup, and on power up/reboot the P1 and and P2 would randomly swap. Does your product have the same issue?
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    Namco Noir HD log

    For a surge protector for the monitor and PC, you could buy some IEC connectors and cut the end off a surge protector, solder on new connector and use the power cable you have in the cab already. IEC connector
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    SOLD SOLD: Junk Consoles and More (Turbo Duo, JVC X'Eye, etc)

    Thanks for all the good vibes. These have been collecting dust for years, glad they’re going to finally be appreciated and hopefully all repaired.
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    SOLD SOLD: Junk Consoles and More (Turbo Duo, JVC X'Eye, etc)

    SOLD These were all non working projects I purchased over the years from eBay, forums, local shops, and never got around to doing anything really with them and need the space. Also misc cables I have laying around $150 shipped for everything, US only. Non Working Turbo Duo (Hot Mess, was...
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    PGM makes it to the Switch!

    Incredible, never thought I’d see the day any official collection of any of these games would come out on a mainstream platform. I hope they sell well, the games deserve more attention.
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    FS Sega Lindbergh Cabinet (Socal)

    What was the selling price?
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    Namco Noir advice

    If you apply power to the reader without it being connected to an actual Namco game, it will just cycle through the LED colors for a little bit and turn off. It would be best to gut the card reader and glue some LEDs of your choice to the underside of the reader then figure out a way to power...
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    Brooks board how to set default player 1 and 2

    I had a similar issue with MAME and the DaemonBite Encoders, my P1 was the top USB port and my P2 was the bottom USB port. Swapping P1 to the bottom and P2 to the top fixed the issue.
  13. muckyfingers

    ARTAX Multi V4.1 JVS stops working

    The multi is designed around the Fast I/O, JVS seems an afterthought and not thoroughly tested/supported. Best thing to do for the multi, is to switch your cab/setup to Fast I/O.
  14. muckyfingers

    Controller issues with TTX3 in Noir cabinet

    The Noir JVS, which is what you are using, is incompatible with the drivers being used on the TTX3 multi. The best solution is to rewire the cab for Fast I/O.
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    Taito Type X3 TTX3 Buyers Guide for newbies!

    I never pursued it, as I was only testing the set up for a friend, but he has a Fast I/O in his Vewlix and does not have any issues with controls.
  16. muckyfingers

    Taito Type X3 TTX3 Buyers Guide for newbies!

    The issue is the JVS board in the Noir, it happens on all Noirs. There’s a French forum that released a patch to fix the issue and a few other issues, but I had issues being able to the download the patches, and I don’t speak French :/
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    Anyone repair very late model PC CRTs?

    Secret fixes, the CRT industry doesn’t want you to know… Good luck, hope you get it resolved and post a follow up.
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    Delete Me

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    Namco Noir cabinet coin slot

    Try the adjustments from here
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    FS Y2 kof02 revenge

    Click on the link above your post.