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    Item M92 Major Title 2 > Ninja Baseball Batman conversion help

    I bought my Ninja Baseball Batman (jp vers) from Fujita in 2005. It might probably be a factory conversion by Irem from another game rom board since it has the seal of the game on the rom board and not on the mother board. Plus many bridge wires on the rom board. I ain’t got much knowledge...
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    Interest Check - NEW MVS MULTI BATCH!!

    Count me in for one multi MVS.
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    FS Taito Group Purchase Thread - Round 1 (Egret 2 OEM Stickers/Decals)

    Awesome !! I’ll take one set for sure. Thanks for sending the request to taito 🙌
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    FS Taito Group Purchase Thread - Round 1 (Egret 2 OEM Stickers/Decals)

    Sure ! Hope they will understand that request 😅
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    FS Taito Group Purchase Thread - Round 1 (Egret 2 OEM Stickers/Decals)

    Awesome ! I might be going on for one set but I jut got one question. Is the Taito logo sticker just above the screen bezel included in this kit ? Would really need this one too after a paint-job…
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    positive feedback for Mitsurugi-w

    After a few exchanges I purchased last week a CF card reader kit from Mitsurugi for my Naomi. It has just arrived in less than 4 days internationally shipped and works flawless. Thank you Sir ! 👍
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    Greetings from Osaka, Japan!

    Welcome aizoyurei ! Beautiful one you got 👌 Love the colors on those snk cabs.
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    Naomi CF Kit and DIMM Conversion Services

    Hi Mitsurugi. Are you still doing this CF card reader for Naomi ? Would like to go this way rather than netbooting to replace my old GD drive.
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    FS Rohga PCB (Wolf Fang)

    Got a Wolf Fang board and it has those little black wire bridges too. Seems those are factory. What a dope game. Pure arcade madness from this era.
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    DARKSOFT CPS3 Repro Carts!!

    From Poland to France very quick. But even if if takes a little more, it worths the time waiting. Carts looks almost like originials and the the games run perfect. Burn your new ISO straight up and keep 40 little minutes aside to reload your game on arrival, you´ll be happy ;)
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    New Multi BIOS CDs, please try!!

    Another standard SH2 repro cart got a Warzard ressurected. Need to test the game more but it seems to work flawless for now. What a great game it is ! Thanks a lot for acheiving such a work on this process !
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    [Repair Log] NeoGeo MVS

    Honestly I never disassemble the cart so I never noticed that. I should have a look at it since it can cause damages with time too, bad solders. What's funny and it seems you know your stuff well, is that the process I found works each time and has nothing to do with the real issue :D
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    Welcome sir. it's cool to hear of some remaining arcade centers in Belgium. We have such a few in Paris. Nice ones at least.
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    [Repair Log] NeoGeo MVS

    Sometime those MVS slot-2 do strange things depending on wich game you play after wich other. Metal Slug 4 is a reknown bitch for that !! Those lines happen from time to time for me and very rarely I can make them go without trying another game before the game that's giving me trouble. I thought...
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    [Repair Log] Konami Asterix

    Great job ! I sold quite a few boards faulty on, or soon after arrival. Most of the time the buyer managed to get it working quickly after. That's when you have to know the stuff, such a pity I don't...
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    DARKSOFT CPS3 Repro Carts!!

    Will need it for my dead Warzard.
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    Thanks mates. Sure Matt, Final Fight on Sega CD is totally on point, plus with a better sounding engine what could we ask more ? I´m not sure if Final Fight Tough (3) take a step on the original but it's sure a very good game. Too bad I did not buy it before it reach that price X/
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    Thank you ! Yep, will take a few ones ASAP. I actually had to move the cab to a small mezzanine and the fluorescent lights reflection makes the playing a nightmare. You'll figure it out with the new pics. The kind of trick some of the worst game centers used to make people loose quicker on...
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    Congrats man ! The playability of this game is still untouched after all those years. I still got my routines too but I doubt that I still can pass that last level now. It was something when I first did, because of the lack of continues and the long time it took to learn the game. I was asking...