1. Dloop

    WTT/FS: Mushihimesama - Looking for Batsugun (SOLD)

    Update: the game is now also for sale, 1000 euro + shipping I have a working nice and clean Mushihimesama pcb that I would like to trade for Toaplans Batsugun pcb. The Mushihimesama pcb comes in a protective corstat box, and will of course be packaged in yet another box if sending. Mainly...
  2. Dloop

    WTB: Batsugan

    Looking to buy a Batsugun PCB in good shape. Also looking for special version rom if you have it too
  3. Dloop

    WTB: Batsugun & Battle Garegga & Armored Police Batrider

    Hi there, I'm looking for the following three games: * Batsugun * Battle Garegga * Armored Police Batrider Thank you in advance for reaching out to me if you have any of the above games for sale.