1. Little techy

    Ghost squad chihiro pc error.

    Good afternoon guys I'm new to arcade projects and hope to help when I can, but for now I have an issue with a chihiro pc in my ghost squad machine that I could use some help with. Error 21 - the game is not acceptable with main board. I have used 2 separate identical disks and 4 different...
  2. D

    FS: Arcade Board Clear Out (Chihiro, Sega Parts, CPS2)

    Selling off parts of my collection. Available only to USA/Canada at this time. Prices either include or don't include shopping, see listing for info: Chihiro Games/Parts House of the Dead 3 GD-Rom & Security Pic - 200$ Shipped Crazy Taxi High Roller GD-Rom & Security Pic - 150$ Shipped SOLD...
  3. twistedsymphony

    How to Net-boot NAOMI/Tri-Force/Chihiro Using Pi-Force Tools

    This guide is for those who have heard about Net-Booting and want to know what to buy and how to make it work. As with anything there are risks involved and I take no responsibility so precede at your own risk. If any information here is found to be in error, or if pertinent information is...
  4. winteriscoming

    What purpose does 12v serve in JVS I/O board?

    I recently purchased a cheap type 1 i/o board that had a badly burnt up 12v input header. I was happy to discover it works fine without 12v. I had assumed I'd be missing out on lamp outputs, but never tested. Today, in my OR2SP cab that has a fully working type 1, I noticed I didn't have the...
  5. winteriscoming

    Force Feedback Translator - Sega MIDI, Sega RS422 and Namco RS232

    I'm just kind of thinking out loud with this idea. I don't know when I'll take time to dig into it. I currently own an OutRun 2 Special Tours driving cabinet and have both the Chihiro and NAOMI 2 for loading up several different driving games. OutRun2 (Chihiro) and Initial D (NAOMI 2) utilize...
  6. aoiddr

    Sega Chihiro - 512mb vs 1gb versions of games, any difference?

    Is there any difference between the 512MB and 1GB versions of various Chihiro games like Outrun 2 SP? Are the graphics improved due to the ram usage, or is it just that the games are programmed to work with different ram settings, but are the same?
  7. aoiddr

    Racing Wheel to JVS modding problem - Gas Pedal issue

    I'm JVS modding a Mad Catz MC2 Racing Wheel (Xbox original version) so that it can hook to the Naomi and Chihiro to use with those racing games. I'm running into a problem with the Gas Pedal... it'll work, but it only ever goes at a slow speed and won't ever really give it the gas and drive...
  8. shotgun

    Virtua Cop 3 : Error 11

    Hello, i recently bought a virtua cop 3 deluxe machine and it's now working fine but... If i try another game (via netboot or via GDrom), the game loads well, and right after seeing the sega logo, i get a black screen with : Error 11: JVS I/O board is not connected to main board. [CAUSE] (1)...