1. Little techy

    Ghost squad chihiro pc error.

    Good afternoon guys I'm new to arcade projects and hope to help when I can, but for now I have an issue with a chihiro pc in my ghost squad machine that I could use some help with. Error 21 - the game is not acceptable with main board. I have used 2 separate identical disks and 4 different...
  2. D

    FS: Arcade Board Clear Out (Chihiro, Sega Parts, CPS2)

    Selling off parts of my collection. Available only to USA/Canada at this time. Prices either include or don't include shopping, see listing for info: Chihiro Games/Parts House of the Dead 3 GD-Rom & Security Pic - 200$ Shipped Crazy Taxi High Roller GD-Rom & Security Pic - 150$ Shipped SOLD...
  3. gamemaster14

    Is it possible to have a NetDimm that will not run GD-Rom Drives?

    I have a netdimm that I had purchased on ebay ages ago. It netboots just fine and is currently updated to the latest firmware 4.02. The only problem is when the jumpers are switched to GD-Rom mode I only get a black screen and no boot at all. I know there is nothing wrong with the Naomi 2 as I...