1. Arcade_Lover

    JVS to USB

  2. Scillianaire

    Busted the USB port on my Naomi 2

    Somehow mangled the USB port on my Naomi 2, any suggestions? Anyone have a digikey link for the part. I would love to repair rather than replace the filter board. Pics
  3. tDRG

    [FOUND] USB to DB15 converter

    I'm looking for two USB to DB15 converters for a Minigun. They have to be compatible with Brook boards (Retro and whatever's in the Snack Box Micro). Axunworks and USB2DB15 are options, but something that ships from the US would be ideal.
  4. Scillianaire

    WTB: x2/x3 NESICA card readers

    Looking for nesica card readers (usb) for Taito type x 3