vewlix arcade

  1. E

    Vewlix Versus Cabinet with MvsC2?

    Is it possible to play Naomi version of Marvel vs Capcom 2 on a Vewlix Vs cabinet with both screens mirroring? I’m contemplating purchasing a Vewlix vs cab and thought it would be cool to do this. Has anyone ever tried this?
  2. Scillianaire

    Game Pad Joint PCB Orange Diamond Vewlix

    Does anyone know exactly what this board does especially the circled socket?
  3. Scillianaire

    Brook UFB in an Orange Diamond Vewlix

    Has anyone tried to put a UFB into an orange / black diamond vewlix cabinet? One that is natively USBIO. I would love to switch between the type X3 multi and home console play but haven’t been able to run a brooks in there so far as I’ve tried. Worked fine in my blue diamond. Any thoughts?
  4. dart620

    WTB: Vewlix L or Clone

    Looking to purchase a Real Vewlix L or a clone located with in Australia. Melbourne or Sydney preferred.