wells gardner

  1. C

    What’s wrong with my monitor (video)?

    I am new to crv monitors and have a wells gardner monitor that is experiencing some issues of blur, and a dark spot (or off color spot) in the upper right quadrant. I’m not sure what is the cause, and am fairly good at fixing things so if anyone could take a look and give me some advice that...
  2. Ware1032

    Wells Gardner 25” med res k5515 ring set needed

    hello all I have 2 broken rings on my Atari arcade project. So I think I need a replacement as the whites are blue and can’t adjust out, probably because a section of the ring is missing. Can anyone help please? Thank you
  3. darksofter

    What monitor to buy?

    Hello everyone, I have a micomsoft xrgb mini framemeister and I was very happy because it promised what it was suppose to do. After being on a retro convention and seeing those PVMs and BVMs, I know I want these professional monitors. Still, what type of monitor is suitable for me? Arcade CRT...