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Sep 15, 2019
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First off, the board itself isn't very common to find because of the fact only one known game uses this board (I'm sure some of you will figure out soon). Aside from the fact nobody else mentioned this board, the hardware this board consists of is rather interesting for what Taito developed. The board itself sits on top of the FC pcb.

  • H8/3062 HD64F3062F CPU; clock not known; has an internal rom yet to be dumped.
  • IDT7024 4k x 16 bit dual port ram; most likely shared ram between the G-Net board and communications cpu
  • SMSC COM2002ILJP Arcnet controller w/2k x 8 bit ram.
  • HYC2485S RS485 transceiver
  • This is a bit strong for a communication interface board. Taito probably had more games in store to use this board for networking but got scrapped due to unpopularity of this board or the one game that used this board.
  • A method of acquiring the H8/3062's internal rom is yet to be known. That chip did get donated in the past to a decapping service but the status of the donated chip remains unknown.
  • Only four units can be connected as mentioned on the pcb. A rotary switch determines the network ID as only values 1-4 are valid.
  • These units are connected in a bus which normally wouldn't be possible without an RS485 transceiver. A termination switch used for the first and last units in the chain exists for this very reason.
  • The plugs are RJ-11 ports, commonly used in most old telephones, with only two wires used most likely being the A and B lines from the RS485 transceiver.
Best of luck because of the whole CPU internal rom situation where these are 99% read protected.

Also labeled as "K91X0762A/J9100502A ARC COM PCB".