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There’ll be another round of MiSTercade coming soon... I recommend that solution primarily because it’s been tested by a widespread group of arcade enthusiasts, many of whom are on this forum.

There are other options out there available though, there’s a post on the forum listing them all in detail.
@dexster — You’ll pay the Australian tax if you buy a MiSTer setup locally.

To get started you just need a DE-10 Nano which you can get from Digikey or Mouser.

After that you can grab RAM, an IO Board, USB Hub and cables from @misteraddons or other stores.

A lot of resellers use RAM and boards sourced from AliExpress which have high failure rates and instability. Stick to the reputable MiSTer dealers in the US and Europe to get the good quality RAM at the very least least. I have heard of one instance of dodgy IO board from AliExpress frying someone’s monitor and another was missing ports...
thanks djsheep...
was not sure if misteraddons was the right place or not for an australian buyer
I'm sure they're open to offers. It's still better than the 4k I've seen for a generic particleboard cab MVC2 :D
It's also in SA where candy cabs never come up. I think my super neo 29 was the last cab I saw listed in the last 2 years here.

My point is, if you factor in transport, it's probably only overpriced by $500.

EDIT: Although it looks a bit funky too.
If you're local, it includes delivery - but yes, for interstate, the delivery costs will take it over the cost of a normal cab.

Looks wise, nothing like some elbow grease can't fix :), some fibreglass cut n polish, and she should come back to life.

War wounds are embraced in my household - except for complete rust and half the paint flaking off 😂
Was tempted with that Namco cab since it was a reletively close drive to my place. Would have been snatched up instantly at that price
The Neo 6-slot is a good price considering all that’s included.

The Namco 1 was $1200. But I believe the monitor is able to be rotated just one way. Some guy on AA bought it. Sounds like the monitor has a really funky butchered setup. DB15 only?

Agreed on the Astro. It’s a shame how $800 AUD used to be high end in these machines though.

I’m with you @mR_CaESaR — embrace the battle scars!
That NAC looks like it’s a veteran of a dozen different wars
Not me either (I like the smaller Aussie cabs).

I thought it was a decent deal because it came with 6 carts, 6-slot motherboard and possibly the memory card/LED marquee stuff, etc.

After doing up my 4-Slot, I realised the things above end up being costly when I added up what I've spent on the machine (and I'm not even done yet!).
I just can't get it up for wood cabinets these days. There was a point in time where an LAI 6 slotter was what I'd have wanted above anything else.