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Sep 21, 2016
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Gold Coast, Australia
Hi everyone,
I've recently been asked to try and salvage a battery acid damaged B board.

The board cleaned up quite nicely after a bath in vinegar and a really good clean but boots to a solid colour screen. EXC5 was dead and has been removed as well as D5 next to it.

The DL-1727 has been replaced, it was covered in acid that had eaten away at some of the ceramic package. It didn't boot before or after the replacement.

The CGD/CGA customs may also be bad but I'll worry about replacing those if I can get some life out of it. The LS245 @ 10M was also heavily damaged and has been removed.

It does not boot and operates the same with both an InfiniKey or Avalaunch ROMs.

Hoping to fix it since it's in decent shape considering its had a battery leak on it. The battery in this case exploded rather than leaked so it has not left a big puddle of acid but rather small amounts over a large part of the board.

Does anyone have any ideas where I should be looking or where to go from here?