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Na I won't do that, not a risk I'm willing to take @djsheep I was going to use this for my supergun setup, but baby yodas said to use it for the arcade cabinet. As far as the mounting bracket for the SCSI2SD and the LED that's up for grabs if someone wants it if not is going in the recycle, I give this case a 3 out of 5 and give my self a 1 out of 5, I don't hate it but it didn't blow me away. It is a cool product though. I wanted a CPS2 case too but we will see


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Hey @santa978
The bottom metal part has symmetrical holes. There has to be some problem i beleive. This is the first time i have seen problem like this
please contact me.
Hello People
The Black Friday sale started for the CPS3 Case too.
The price is 119$ (It was 149$ )
I will go to outside the city at the 1th December to shoot my movie, I will come back at 17th December. So that meanS i will start to ship the products first week of the January 2022
Please conside this situation.
you can order it from my website
sorry but there wont be any production for this item :(
Really sorry to hear this - I was very keen to get one for the CPS3 restoration project I'm working on.

Tough lesson for me; this hobby does not reward patience - I should have bought one when I had the chance

If you ever decide to do a special re-production run I'm sure there would be others like me that missed out and are keen to buy. You could probably fully pre-sell another run before starting

I've subscribed to the TRfightstick mailing list and followed this thread, if there is any update do please let us know
Hello people Last call for the Metal Production
I will start to production on Monday. You can order it until Monday.
There wont be any re-production for CPS2, CPS3, TMX Arcade Stick and Dreamcase at least 1 year :D
Arrived today - it is so beautiful, and so functional, every touch is perfect
the sheetmetal with those rounded corners is the work of a craftsman
the paint is a work of art
If Hursit ever makes more I would probably buy a second one