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May 23, 2020
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Hey guys! Hope you’re doing great.

I’ve been dealing with a color issue on my cyvern conversion, I got a weird green color on my 2nd stage within the clouds passing and noticed a lack or color on the boss on the 3rd stage.

So I ran some test on it and got the following color issue on the CRT TEST:

However, it supposed to show like this:

So far I checked the main board can everything seems normal there, the RGB signal, changed the caps there just in case so everything seems to be pointing to the cart or I’m missing something.

I have the mod bios on it, reprogrammed the Roms and tried the USA version and works fine but gave me the same color issue on the test and within the game.

I’m wondering if this could be something damaged on the mask Roms or someone has any idea what I need to be checking for this.

appreciate your assistance

Is the edge connector on your PGM motherboard clean?
Is the edge connector on your PGM motherboard clean?
You should always keep your PGM motherboard clean, but I'm not sure what it has to do with his color issues?!!? (I'm joking, we know what you meant)

Paging @oneleaf86 who made mine, maybe he can be of help?
Whoops. For some reason I thought this was about a Cave conversion :/

Yeah, check the JAMMA edge connector at the very least. Mine came from @oneleaf86 also, so maybe he knows more voodoo.
I've never encountered that issue unfortunately. Do you have any other Supernova carts that you can test?

The biggest issue I've encountered with these boards is that they glitch out when the CR2032 dies and messes up the RTC.

To me it sounds more like a motherboard issue but I'm no expert.

Hope you can get it sorted! :)
Thanks all for responding, I’ve been testing the main board but everything seems to be normal at the moment, I started to think this is something with the cart, probably a faulty ram on the cart? Don’t know, still testing.