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Sep 16, 2021
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Hey Guys,
I have a ddr supernova been working great for years, getting a HD error now.
Anyone have a replacement HD or point me where I could find one?
would love to replace the IDE with an SD card if anyone had modded it yet.
Even better if anyone had an open-source version so you can load customer songs.

If your HDD is truly dead then you are screwed. There's no way to repair it because it's married to the console with DNAS and/or MagicGate.

HOWEVER, there is a hacked, unencrypted version of Supernova 1 that you can image to any HDD, plug it into your Python 2 and it will work. But I am not allowed to talk about it here as it's not publicly distributed. Your best bet is to look for and join certain facebook or discord groups dedicated to arcade rhythm games. They can point you in the right direction.

You can go the StepMania route, but you will have to ditch the Python hardware. There is a possible solution where you can repurpose the Python 2 IO and use it on PC, but I'm not too familiar with it, and I don't think it's publicly distributed.

TL;DR: Your best bet is not Arcade-Projects. Go ask around on a rhythm game community instead.
If you have Facebook, I recommend joining the dance arcade owners group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/180601838781725/ There should be a lot of people there who can help.

IIRC there's nothing special about the PS2 inside the Python, so you could probably just use common parts to replace. You would probably need to deal with security though, or use a disc with security bypass. I personally use a Solo cab, and I haven't worked on a Supernova cab often enough to give more in depth info.

If you want to load custom music, you're better off skipping the Python altogether, and connecting a PC with simulation software instead. There's various ways to do this, with the most popular probably being JPAC (+a lighting control board like the LitBoard) and MiniMaid (lighting is integrated). The current competitive standard is ITGmania, which I would recommend for a variety of reasons.

Software: https://www.itgmania.com/
A useful guide for a dedicated Linux image with the same software: https://docs.google.com/document/d/...36ZfGgo7VCRVkLJhU/edit#heading=h.f4jo4mmoacz4

EDIT: Whoops. I'm not sure if the security bypass is publicly available and I didn't check. Removed the reference to it just in case.
thanks for your replies,
I might dig for supernova 1 disc since that would get it back up stock
I did find this article about how to convert your DDr to Outfox (its the new fork of stepmania since I think SM had ended)

the coolest thing is the Outfox supports P2IO through the USB on the PC so you can use the Phyton 2 IO board for the light IO!
just need a jpac for the monitor, might go that route

Converting to a Stepmania cab via JPAC is very easy. I never ran my monitor through the JPAC though, as long as your cab is a Betson and not an upgraded JP or KR cab it's got a nice trisync monitor inside and will run at 640x480 without issue.

If you want to play Supernova 1 or 2 you just need to replace the drive inside the HDD bay (I used an IDE to CF adapter when I did it many years ago, cheap and no more spinning parts) and flash it with the Supernova 1 or 2 data (called Midnight Special).