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Do you have pictures of the Neo Geo 25"? (Is this a US sized 25" (26?) or JPN size (US 24")?

Thanks sir!
I dont have pics of it but a lot of people have asked. I'll get to it this month. It is a 25" crt.
updated availability of monitors and chassis - many sold this last week. running dry will do another storage pull in November for more.
If you find a Sega model 2 cage, and/or a top lid for a Sega model 2 cage, I’d buy ‘em!
Metal Slug 6 custom made cart $150
In case anyone is wondering; this is a repro cartridge that I made for Dave in trade for a prototype version of Dolphin Blue. It has been patched to have blood (violence mode) always enabled.
Hey good to see you are here as well! The game cart worked great on location for over a year. Solid product. Has multi still been on radar for future?
Is muchi muchi full kit or just PCB @davesarcades PM incoming
PCB only in a cave box. Pic attached.
People here want YOKES? I have lots of YOKES for various tubes/chassis can pull from storage. Mostly wells, toshiba, and nanao.