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Feb 18, 2021
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Spartanburg, SC USA
Hi folks,

I'd be looking for a Naomi 2 motherboard and JVS I/O with the Wild Riders cartridge or just the cartridge itself and give you a reasonable offer. There are no carts of the game on eBay currently. I have a setup of Harley-Davidson controls that would be ideal to use the game with by building a new loom (ideally using shift up and down for PUSH and PULL controls). The game is super addicting and I've been enjoying it a lot via emulation, but Demul gets very choppy and Flycast currently doesn't 100% support the controls as of now.

Alternatively if you have a Crazy Taxi or Jambo Safari cart instead of Wildriders, that would be wonderful also. Please PM me! ;)

Thanks ;)

Found a Naomi 2 cart of the game that someone is holding for me. I shouldn't have much of an issue finding the Naomi 2 itself. Thanks ;)
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