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Feb 5, 2018
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Concord, CA
***traded locally For a PC-10 dedicated***

A few months ago I picked up 2 rather rare MVS cabs. The woodgrain 19" cab is an oddity of the SNK MVS line up. Directed towards the Bar/Lounge/Waiting room market, it's woodgrain vinyl look is a bit of a throwback to 80s cabaret cabs. The idea is that the cab would blend into areas that were not traditionally locations for arcades.

The "Goldie" as the Neo-Geo crowd dubbed it, is one of the rarest MVS cabs. The MV-2-13 (the tiny one) is probably the only cab that is more rare.

This cab was in terrible condition and has been restored to fully functional condition, and cosmetically excellent. I'm writing a full restore thread, so I'll just bullet here:

  • PCB repaired trace to backup ram, recharging circuit and battery removed, replaced with 2032 socketed coin cell.
  • Unibios 4.0 installed
  • K7000a rebuilt with APaR cap kit and problem areas re-flowed when needed. Tube swap with late 2000s RCA (Orion) tube. Old tube had bad burn and guns were really weak. New tube is looking great!
  • Torn down with major repair to the left control panel corner (totally missing). Security door and bar holes dowel filled. I don't believe in forming large areas from bondo, so this is a total cut out and replacement with new material.
  • Black inner areas re-sprayed.
  • Full laminate applied with WilsonArt "Nepal Teak"
  • NOS beston imperial (happ) power supply
  • Control panel, corner protectors stripped down to bare metal, primed and painted.
  • Credit counters rebuilt with new 7 digit displays (originals were scratched up)
  • New Joysticks, all buttons cleaned and switches replaced when needed.
  • New T-molding
  • New CPO: as a cost consideration, this is a vinyl reproduction. It does the job, however if you would rather have a Szabo CPO instead, it is NOT glued to the the control panel so it will come right off if you remove the buttons and bolts.
  • Reproduction marquees
  • New fabricated monitor bezel
  • EL Panels are rebuilt with new "bulbs" nice and bright.
Here is some nit-picky things for the OCD people:
  • A local youth group claimed this cab as their property, so there is a light marking on the glass to indicate that.
  • Missing serial/model number stickers
  • someone wrote "good" on the metal top of the PCB. I played with the idea of painting it gold, but I didn't want to go too custom
  • CPO makes the credit displays a bit fuzzy (original uses plastic window)
  • Top glass retention bracket is a plastic replacement as the original was missing. Doesn't really make a difference, just full disclosure.
  • I'm including bust a move and world heroes 2. The bust a move cart is a boot, but I've used it for years with no issues. I only am not using because I have a legit one now.
I've tried to cover everything done, but I may have missed something, so please ask questions if you want. I originally intended a trade, but I've had some unexpected bills crop up so I'm leaning on a cash sale.

Possible trades:

Red Tent

PC10 or VS cab

4 Player Konami cab

Other offers considered.

I have a lot of cash and about 100 hours of work into this one, so I think a fair ask is 2k.


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Sep 25, 2015
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United States / Thailand
I remember seeing these in Vegas back in the day. They look fantastic! I'd consider posting it on KLOV if you haven't already.