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Had the same issue @clintkolodziej - then I remembered the sticker on the wrapping talking about the gold dot on the connector housing needing to be in the right place.

Originally I thought that I didn’t cut the trace deep enough on the HAS! It’s well deep now :)
I noticed the gold dot but couldn’t remember where it was supposed to go but I’m glad you mentioned that, I should check that out and confirm which side that goes on for the next time I disconnect the cable.
I feel silly, but I still can't get button 6 working.

I cut the trace on the bottom of the HAS 4.2 per the manual. Extension cable is plugged in correctly (gold dot on pcb side). Enabling/disabling button 6 on the extension PCB makes no difference.

Perhaps I did not cut deep or far enough? It's pretty deep. Where should I be checking continuity to confirn (just to ground)?


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Hey, could you post a picture of the setup?
Alright, everything is fine on the HAS end as far as the DIP switches. JAMMA harness is oriented correctly.

"Where should I be checking continuity to confirn (just to ground)?"

Exactly, check if there is indeed no continuity.

On the extension end, P1B6 and P2B6 DIP switches should be set to off.

Try without the Splitfire.
Unfortunately, these won't be available next month. I will definitely re-stock, but there's no ETA for now. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Knew I should have ordered 2. Pairs very well with the irken labs JVS to Jamma board.
That's why I ordered it and also a quality product, when it is in stock don't hesitate to order it.
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