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Shipments for this week: 22 cabs made it out, 29 did not. If you have not been contacted, your shipment did not go out yet, and are currently allocated for next week. Same deal next week, it's very possible not everything makes it on the truck. We're also due to receive another container, so things are going to continue to be backed up for a bit. Please bear with us, doing the best we can!
Next container was supposed to be today but was delayed due to weather (getting tired of this). Freight delayed because liftgate died and truck is in the shop. Will update tomorrow when all that is done.

Also does literally nobody want higher end Vewlixes anymore? I feel like I shouldn’t be ordering them at all at this point. I might stop orders for good until they drop to penny prices at this rate.
Also does literally nobody want higher end Vewlixes anymore?

Tailwind - Street Fighter 6 in 2 months.
Headwind - Economy built on central bank MMT bullshit finally purging unless governments kick the can and make inequality, inflation, and financial crisises even worse later down the road.

I put my money* on Street Fighter 6 being the more powerful of the two forces. :angelic:
(*only... like, $1 though)
Everyone keeps saying SF6, but any announcements haven’t made a single difference, and it’s not like anyone will be able to run the arcade version appreciably anyway. SFV proved that. Doesn’t matter if it runs, matters if it matches. (It won’t.)
Shweet just got the LED lights to work with a PC Build! Python was confusing to learn.
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Thanks @Cereth love my Vewlix F and P-ras.

Just some of what I’ve got from @Cereth 🙌🏽 Can’t say enough how much I appreciate Dave and his team. They are truly amazing people and I can’t say enough how much I appreciate and respect all that they do for the community. 🙏🏽
Where’s the H games? Totally missing!

Anyone who had a shipment go out this week was notified! It’s everything except contracts put in after Monday or so. We’re caught up on that front! Holding some harder to manage shipments atm for me to process when I get back, otherwise no more containers until mid/late April. Gonna be pushing to clear out unsold stuff in the warehouse, need to clear space for a ton of stuff we want to keep there.

Still avoiding anything specialty, too much to catch up on. Japan is helping heal the mind but stress will still be very high in April. Continue to bear with me
Nice garage. Would love to have that much space. Got room for one more cab only myself. Apartment living hindering a larger collection.

The Bomber Girl Cab looks like fun. Although Wacca seems to be super popular as well. Time will tell what will be next.
Wish my fiance would understand a full house of arcades is a good thing. Googled Starwing Paradox damn. Must feel like a true arcade.
Cereth and team are the best. Started off with 2 in 2021, and now I'm going to be up to 8 cabs, all courtesy of Game Saru's impeccable service and dedication to customer satisfaction. I'm a Game Saru stan, through and through!

If I was opening up an arcade, I'd for sure keep ordering Diamond Blacks...although, I think 5 is plenty for a personal collection.
This week's shipments went out, it was only 4 cabs. Receiving parties have been notified. Next week is starting the 4 cons, 3 weeks hell, will be working from home until Monday. I'm putting all inquiries into a queue for now and processing it as I am able.

Some heads-up, likely flood of Nostalgias and beatmaniaIIDX coming up. Looking at price ranges for Nostalgia around $1,000, beatmaniaIIDX still not sure. If interested, can shoot me a PM to be put in queue if that comes through. Also, settled on a price of $4,750 for Ongeki, and there are two available. I no longer think it will change much in the next 1 year or so.
Freight didn't go last week, they didn't run the driver. It's going out today, a few days early, for this week though. Will get notifications out. I'm still insanely behind on things. Lot to update at some point though. Notably PRas 3s will liquidate. Will provide details when able.
Alright I mentioned before I'll probably still do benches to combine with cab orders and local deliveries, but that is still causing misunderstandings with how long it takes to place those orders, and that I am not intending to just constantly order them for just in case. I'm just doing a hard stop on benches for anyone. It's too much work and stress. I am purging the waitlist, and will try to reach out to anyone on that waitlist to inform them directly.