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A container just went up ANOTHER $4,000. I'm looking at roughly $15,000 to ship it. For reference, normal rates are around $3,400-$4,000. This will affect price, ability to offer discounts, and rate at which goods can be delivered. I can't just eat the cost and ignore it anymore.
Brother, it is what it is, I know how you operate and I know the costs/time involved in this, so if you have to adjust prices, adjust away. On average things cost over 30% more, and some things have tripled in price.
Just when the exchange rate improved too lol

For now everything seems ok to leave locked in, I'm just eliminating any future discounts for the time being. This is just a rude awakening for anyone who has said "shipping will be back to normal in a few months". It's not just shortages and problems, Summer is also a peak season right now so it's extra spicy haha
Summer is also a peak season right now so it's extra spicy haha

Reminds of the spicy noodle challenge :D

Good luck with the cabs. I've been watching your YT channel and I cannot imagine dealing with all that. When things calm I will make a request but for now I shooshies : )
Damn an extra $4000!! I dare one of my computer suppliers call me up and say its gonna cost extra $4000. I will turn into Killa Cam!
Most of my distros have a yearly freight forwarder contract that is keeping it somewhat manageable. Hoping this is a one-time thing
I don't have any help really, so chances are I'm not getting to any work on the DDR SOLOs, GFDM, KBM, etc. until August. The other stuff at the warehouse has more pressing deadlines. I just can't do it. I have names down of people to get back in touch with about all of that, so I'm noting that on the list.
HD, $7,500. SD, idk. I have one coming but haven’t really priced ‘em. Haven’t listed HDs yet, idk how many I’ll let go. It’s a bit unprecedented that any showed up at all
HD, $7,500. SD, idk. I have one coming but haven’t really priced ‘em. Haven’t listed HDs yet, idk how many I’ll let go. It’s a bit unprecedented that any showed up at all
My bad, did not specify. Customer wants SD. Can be any version of cabinet.
I have one on order already, so I can actually process this. I'll PM you photos and look up what I had it priced at.
First container of the month arrived yesterday. Mini-cutes should come this week if all goes well. 3rd container comes next Monday or Tuesday. I will start scheduling outgoing shipments to happen starting next Friday. Not everything will go at once, and I don't really have an order in mind for processing them. It's a lot at once right now and at this point I'm already several months into a pressured work schedule that would kill most people. I'll be reaching out to people with pending shipments in the next week or so.

SoCal deliveries will come first. Bay second probably. Seattle is still in the air. None of these will start until at least the 16th. Please wait for updates, still have several days just for catch up paperwork before I can even prep any of this
I'm not going to go into depth now, far more high priorities to deal with right now.

Game Saru is indefinitely shutting down. Some disasters cannot be anticipated, and no amount of preparation can save you.

I will be liquidating assets as needed, in order of least worth/most junk, as I need to halve my footprint within a month. For now I'm just going to throw some things down as they come to mind. There will be no support for these, you buy them as-is, and I am not responsible for anything at ANY point of this. I am not going to spend more than a minute or two to give information about cabs/photos, there's no time for that. Take it or don't. I'll do what I can. The lower tier items WILL BE SCRAPPED OTHERWISE. Again, this is a genuine disaster I am dealing with, and I am doing what is required of me. Do not use this as an excuse to negotiate prices. I'm not looking to be taken advantage of, just to offer what I have before it gets salvaged.


If you are thinking "this isn't my problem I don't want to hear it", there's the door. This isn't a plea for help and it's not complaining about how hard things are, it's reality. I have circumstances that are shutting me down, possibly for good. This is 4 years of my life, sacrificing family, friends, health, everything, for a hobby and passion I live and breathe. I don't want people's pity or compassion, just to do what needs to be done to have a chance at recovering in 6-12 months. Background info is so that the urgency and condition is understood. I shouldn't have to explain myself with this stuff, but people have given me shit for it in the past. That doesn't help now, please keep it to yourself.

I will try to update lists and tiers of sales as much as possible, but don't expect much. Nothing will be held for anyone. Nothing will be held to ship later. It must be picked up or shipped immediately. I can arrange STI.

Bottom tier:

GuitarFreaks/DrumMania (3/7 available): $500 - these are under cost. All have Python 2 (V-V3 hardware), all don't boot, for the most part HDD issues, can probably reburn a drive with a cracked image, don't remember. Mildewy smell, otherwise intact, not amazing cosmetically. Priced to sell, WILL get axed if not sold. Immediate priority to anyone who buys a GF for DM since most people just want DM.

KeyboardMania: $1,100 - 1stMIX marquee, dead Firebeat. Same condition as GFDMs above.

DDR SOLO: $1,250 - I'm passing the offer to the people who have inquired already, but will update if they come back available. Same as above condition.

Border Break (6 or so available): $500 - all well-worn, I have a HDD image somewhere that with some networking magic can operate a bot match, solo. Do not expect support support. It exists, I'm just not able to provide it or point you in the right direction any time in the next 6 months probably.

BeatStream (shell): $600 - These are at a MASSIVE loss. No PCB, no monitors, no touch panel, need to work out a price for header art. I know people want parts, I cannot negotiate lower prices, there is a labor cost in dismantling a cab that is probably higher than what I'm asking for them. I don't want to have to do this, but I have no choice. Same mildewy smell as previous cabs. I will probably owe one or two people refunds on this order.

DISSIDIA (6 available): $500 - all operable, decent wear from a full life, game only runs tutorial 1p and game over. Hardware is a kiosk PS4. Lemony is working on an adapter to use normal PS4 DISSIDIA. Do not expect support.

There are some better things to list later, I'm limited on time. Probably Taiko HDs, GachaGachamp, Hammer Champ, Densha De Go HD, Anime Champ, Metal Gear Arcade, Landing High Japan, can't think much beyond. I'm willing to sell my Panic Park since it'd be good funds to try to save the company, but I will not take less than $7,000. It's a ridiculous price, but it's one of the last things I'd sell. While money won't solve problems, I need it so that I can do things that WILL solve problems. It's not worth me selling otherwise.

Will update as I go forward. I'm sorry, I'm limited in what I'm willing to share about my situation. It's a lot of very unlikely chances happening at once for a great cosmic probability fuck you. I need to deal with it now, story can come later.
Incredibly sorry for whatever has happened to put you in this situation. I hope this resolves in the most ideal way possible. You've been nothing but a boon to this community.

Buy this man's shit, people.
Holy shit dude- no idea what's going on but sending my thoughts/condolences your way. Never in my life would I have thought I would be reading this thread title; genuinely hope to see you come out of this strong however you can.
Damnit. This news makes me sad. Cereth is one of the genuinely nicest and most friendly people in this hobby.
Bro so sorry. I was watching your digimon video today as well :(
Will keep you in my prayers buddy. Will hit you up shortly. (When you are okay with it)
Damn it. This sucks to hear, you were who I bought my Vewlix, my first ever cab from. Please people, support him by any means.