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Feb 18, 2021
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Spartanburg, SC USA
Hello everybody! My real name's Paul but I primarily go by my absurd signature on the 'net, Conversus W. (Wears) Vans. It's a little play I did between the Converse/Vans shoe rivarly over 6 years ago, as I was obsessed with the former of the twos brands. :P
Well it's great to meet everyone here as you all seem really friendly, plus I noticed several of you live in my area, too. Well, I'm another arcade game fan and perhaps you can say I'm a little tech savvy when it comes to computers and audio. During my spare time indoors I love to emulate arcade games and mess around with the emulators themselves, or on brief occasion I'll watch some cartoons, then find something to keep myself stayin' busy, on my feet. Collecting retro games for certain platforms, primarily Game Boy and PS1, is another addictive hobby of mine (but unhealthy for your wallet!).

My #1 favorite arcade game of all-time is House of the Dead 1 & 2, followed by the 1997 Harley-Davidson game on Model 3, then Jambo Safari, Virtua Cop 2, all '90s Capcom games, Crazy Taxi, but the list goes on hahaha.

I rarely do forums these days due to real life and the advent of Discord, but lately, I've been messing around with electronics, learning how to solder & crimp connections with several arcade cabinet speakers (I have a pair of boxes from Virtua Cop 2 connected through an amp on my PC), and this has opened me up to lots of other hobbies outside computer-based ones. With that said, I may stick around and discuss arcade-related projects I'm doing, or troubleshoot any arising problems/support for arcade parts I have lying around, as there are at least two games that I want to own hardware for and hook-up, but currently, I have no room for any full-size machine. I think I can improvise if I really put in the work. Hey, can't we all.:D

Cheers! ;)