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Sep 19, 2021
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Modesto, California
Hello everyone, I'm Corey from the Central Valley area of Cali. I've been browsing the forums for a while and wanted to say hello. On Neo-Geo forums I have the username Coreykun667 (Kinda hate the username nowadays but it is what it is.) and in some parts I go with the name Lord Golem. I tend to not be very vocal, but I do enjoy reading what other people have to say.

As for cabs, I have three of them at the moment. One is a tall 4 slot Big Red Neo-Geo that was my first cab I bought back in 2014. My second cab is a Die Hard cab that I bought from ACBlunden a few years back that I use for my Sega STV board and CPS2 multi. My third cab, which I bought last year is a Dynamo HS-9 with Marvel Vs Capcom 2 in it. Slowly gathering all the parts needed to go with a Naomi CF Card reader setup in that cab. Figured this is a good place to get advice on Naomi hardware.