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I don't know exactly what you need cause I'm a noob. but I can ship you the whole gunforce pcb if it will help you. Pm your address and I ship to you.
I am in for either option, if you need any measurements from an in the hunt let me know.
Two games I don't have! Good luck and please don't hesitate to PM for other boards.
Excuse this if it’s a really dumb question…

Am I right in thinking that option 1 would be perfectly fine with any M92 ‘conversions’, as only the ROM board of a conversion will be molested, but Option 2 may not work with conversions due to modifications made to the ROM board?

I don’t usually buy conversions, but if it’s for a multi anyway it makes the most financial sense…
The solution we are using is closer to option 2. The daughterboards you receive will depend on your romboard type.

We need the above romboard because it has additional circuitry other games don't use and we want to understand how it works. Currently the only game that isn't working is Dream Soccer 94. We need an original to see why. We think we know the general reason from some pics we found online but there may be an u dumped pal that is only on these two games' romboard.
maybe my question is redondant, but any conversion from other Mxx Irem motherboard is it work in progress?
Hello kind members. Our progress on this has been incredible. For our last hurdle we need some info from owners of Dream Soccer 94 or Gunforce II original, non converted, pcbs.

I'm guessing other people have as well but I was checking around on several sites to see if any were even for sale but I've found nothing so far. I don't really know of many arcade sites to begin with but figured I'd check. When something like this happens do you usually just make a separate post to get more peoples attention to hopefully find one?
If you have an original Ninja Baseball bat man (not conversion) please let me know.
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I have an original Ninja Baseball bat man pcb and original GeoStorm pcb.
Need pics of them?

And in Korea, I saw some Dream Soccer '94 pcbs, but they are all M107, not M92.
First we need a high resolution pic of the romboard. Most likely we need to dump one of the pals on it. It's most likely protected but we don't think Ninja BBBM actually uses it at all.


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