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Oct 31, 2018
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Florida, USA
Hey there,

I'm looking to offload some stuff I'm no longer using to fund a PC build for some cabs I'm working on.

Jammacon with 5 Adapters - SNES and NES, Megadrive, PC-Engine, Saturn, and Playstation. This is wired for CPS2 Kicks and I'll add a generic Multi Scart cable. SOLD for $325


Tecmo Knight PCB - Sold for $200 Shipped


Bootleg Capcom IO Works, but I no longer use it. $60 Shipped CONUS

Betsu Betsu Jamma Capture device with Voltmeter $140 Shipped CONUS

Can provide additional pics if interested.

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What makes the Capcom I/o a bootleg?
I thought these were just decased io's from China..
You could probably populate that IO board with the AMP connector to get 3.3V working again.
I bought it as a Capcom IO Bootleg, so just putting it out there. There is no header for power, but it looks like it COULD be populated. Buy it and let me know :).
If I didn't already have a real one Id have bought it. I was just curious about the bootleg status since I see these bootlegs pop up on Chinese sites all the time. Glws!
Added: Betsu Betsu Jamma Capture device with Voltemeter. $140 shipped Conus.
What makes the Capcom I/o a bootleg?

The fact that it's not made by Capcom?

Connectors are not JST or Hirose. Caps are cheapest Chinese garbage. Missing features.

Honestly, I'm surprised it has a heatsink for the amp.

EDIT: this said, $60 is a solid price for it. A legit one costs 3x or 4x.
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