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Mmmmmm how much I didn’t see them in his pictures he posted?
He did. Already sold all but one if I understood him correctly. EDIT: not sure if he has them yet tho, sounds like not based on his reply.

I'm waiting on pics of whatever is left, but at least one from his pics was too much of a project for me. If you want to pay for whatever is left sight unseen I'm guessing it'd be yours.

FWIW it looked like they were all Gunbullet cabs with different games in them.

This is in reference to the Gunbullet and Gunbarl cabs. I'm not aware he had a Gunbalina lined up.

SOURCE: I asked him yesterday. Because I thought I had them lined up, but someone must have paid sight unseen. Meh.
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Next time you get a new versus city, I'm interested. Especially if it coincidences with a trip to San Jose.
IMG_3610.JPGSold Sold OUT pac man battle Royale $4,000


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