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May 6, 2021
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Los Angles, Ca
I have the CPS1, 2, and 3 Dark-soft Boards, the question now is with CPS1 being both Mono (Jamma) and Stereo->QSound, If I wanted to take a Big Blue, and have a Jamma Switcher, how would I set that up as far as Jamma, Kick Harness, and Line Level Audio (Qsound) so I could play whatever board / game without having to crawl into the cab and make 3 Connection Changes ? I've Look at some Riddled TV setups, which seem to do the Jamma and possibly Kick harness, but I'd like to make things cleaner not messier, and with all the ribbon cables, and stuff I don't see many ways to do this. Maybe I'm over thinking this or haven't found something that others have, so I figured I'd post here about it.
Yup, it’s definitely doable. I have a 8 PCB setup in a Big Blue that works well. What I use:

RiddledTV EZ switcher
Kick harness condenser
Qsound amp (but any amp would do)
RiddledTV Stereo Condenser PCB
Rolls DB226

The first two items are the usual you would need for switching JAMMA games with a kick harness in a cab.

You would need an amp for line level audio.

You can use a regular RCA stereo switcher. But, if you want to automatically switch line level audio, RiddledTV makes a stereo condenser PCB (it’s not on his site, but I’m sure he can make one still). The Stereo condenser PCB takes RCA inputs from your PCBs, and output goes into your amp.

I desolder the JAMMA stereo from the RiddledTV extension PCBs when using line level audio via RCA jacks (since the audio tends to mix somehow).

If you want to use JAMMA audio with the Stereo switcher, the Rolls DB226 converts stereo line to balanced mono. This takes input the JAMMA harness and outputs via RCA cables into the Stereo Condenser.

There’s also a planned add on to the CPS1.5 multi kit that will output all games via line level that will makes things easier for that.

Let me know if you need more details.
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