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Mar 8, 2022
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I recently got a MS9-29 15k/24k auto switch chassis, it works all good without issue except little bit typical jail bar on the left side due to old caps.

So I was planning to recap it, then I found out that there are two capacitors are different from other MS9-29 chassis I dealt with before.

First one is C956, on other MS9-29 chassis I have it's a 680µF 10v, but on this auto switch chassis it's a 1000µF 25v(a nichicon vr series, seems untouched).

The other one is C955, on other MS9-29 chassis I have it's a 180µF 25v, on this auto switch chassis it's a 220µF 50v, when I soldered it off, I noticed the joint was more fresh than others, and the cap I can't tell its brand, also it's a 85c, so I believe it was replaced before.

Can anyone confirm what these two caps C955 and C956 should be on a MS9-29 15k/24k auto switch chassis? Thanks.
C956 680uF 35V
C955 220uF 35V

The caps on mine don’t look original—the C956 has black marker on top of can


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Those caps were replaced with china caps, the original ones on all ms9, including the auto switch model, are:
c956 : 680uf 10v
c955: 180uf 25v (but you can put also 220uf)
Replace them with something good like nichicom UPW or UHE or rubycon YXF or YXJ series.
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