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Mar 3, 2016
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Nebraska, USA
Hey all,

I've got a somewhat cursed MS9 here giving me troubles.
Received machine with this chassis last summer, appears to have been untouched.
While working on the machine I pull the chassis and clean/recap it. All is working well.

Start of the year, the monitor would run for a little bit then go into shutdown. Ordered a new horizontal and vertical transistor, but issue was fixed with only the vertical. Had also swapped the hot but it was DOA.

Couple weeks ago, working on swapping the machine to an NVS 4000 power supply and during testing I notice the contrast is way too high, and after a few minutes the HOT blows. No life, just a high squeal.

Today I replaced the HOT and ran it for an hour with no issues. So I decide to put it back in the cabinet and readjust the picture. While I was trying to get to the test menu to do so, the monitor dies again, no high pitched squeal, won't come back after waiting.

What could be wrong here? At this point the monitor has been fully recapped, B+ was dialed in for 15Khz only (I run nothing at 24K) and the HOT/ vertical transistor/pincushion amp have all been replaced. I'm a ways out of ideas
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Same issues here with the shutdowns. Would like to see what comes out of this thread too!
Check solder joints on the little grey h driver trasformer placed just in front of the hot and replace the 10uf 250v caps on 200v line on both main board and neck board.
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