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Jul 3, 2017
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South Korea
Hi. I was using darksoft muti with mvs-4 with 0 issue so far.
And all of the sudden, when i turn my cabinet on, it shows this cross hatch test.


Everytime I want to play my multimvs, I have to press B button to enter multi menu.
I did not have this issue before. I checked with other normal mvs games with no such issue. I presume this only happens with Mvsmulti.
I also did test with other mvs (mv1a, mv1b) and did not had this cross hatch test issue.

It only occur with Multimvs with mvs-4. Is this issue cummon or fixable?
Thank you in advance.
Crosshatch should only happen when it senses no cartridge, the fact that you hit B is just doing a CTRL-ALT-DEL to the board, why it would read it after that is not clear, as it either can read the cart or it can't unless some of the caps or traces need to warm up and then make it functional...
It is weird that every single time I boot up, crosshatch text pops up and bitting B button solves problem. This is very onnoying process. The problem is that it only occur with Multi but not with other normal cartridges.
Can you clear Backup Ram, and see if it still does it?
It actually worked once only. If I reboot it, it goes back to crosshatch test…
It seems like either the backup ram area is having issues, or the 161-1 is writing something to the backup ram, that's causing it to think there's no cart the next time. Did you check the backup battery ? Does it have around 3.3v ? Could be barely low or high and running it for a little is causing it to have just enough juice to make it flkakey. I'd try both with no battery, and with a fresh one.
I switched from Unibios 4.0 back to original bios and this issue has been completely disapeared. I guess this issue caused by Unibios 4.0 with 4 slot mvs...