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Mar 12, 2016
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Hello People

This is just a brain storm for now . I will try to explain something in here and lets share your opinions ;)

Thanks to @Cereth , he bought a Neo-19 Cabinet 6 months ago for me from Germany. The Cabinet was Refurbished and like Brand New ( It is still like Brand NEW now :P ) Thanks to @Derick2k too. He started a flame in my discord about this cabinet :D
He paid almost 10k USD for this cabinet. Seller shipped to cabinet my Brother in Germany .


I went to Germany last month and i draw all the cabinet. :)

So, this cabinet is not like mini cute. Sorry but it is true because of the plastic parts. The plastic parts requires injection molds, and injection molds almost 250K USD Around ( for now )
This stiuation means, we cannot produce this cabinet 90-100 pcs like Mini Cute. We need produce thousands maybe .
But the problem is starting in here.

The arcade community market is really small for this kind of projects. I know it is impossible to sell thousands to community. Thats why we have a plan .

The first plan is go to SNK and trying to get OFFICIAL LICENSE for Neo 19 Cabinet
But if we do this, that means i have to produce this cabinet for Home users too . Because we need to sell it many many many pcs :D
We were searching about license for 3-4 month with @Cereth and we heard something about LICENSE COST. People says it is about 350k USD Around.

That means ( if we can get it )

* It wil be completed cabinet. Plug and Play
* Default option will be LCD this time not CRT

So, if we want to go to SNK , they want to see a completed prototype first.

The problems are starting in here :D
If we want to produce a prototype sample, I have to build plastic parts with 3d Printer.

There are 6 pcs of the plastic parts.

1- HOOD which is biggest part.

2- Bezel

3- Speaker Cover

4- Control panel Bottom Part

5- Control Panel Up Part

6- Small part to attach Speaker Artwork ( 2pcs in one cabinet. )

So, i have already draw the HOOD, but the other parts have to be scanned with 3D Scanner. It is impossible to draw those parts %100 original.

Im talking with some companies about 3D scan and 3D print for these parts

They asked 1300 USD to scan the parts.
They will scan the parts and they will prepare the datas for 3D printer and even for the injection mold too.

They dont give mee any offer for the 3D Print, because they want to check the data first.

I cannot tell you exact price about the Total cost for the prototype cabinet but it looks, it will be around 10K USD to complete it.
And it is really big money to cover from my pocket actually.

I have talked with @Cereth and @Derick2k and we decided to ask you too.

Can we create a donation or something like that for this project.
Lets talk about it

Im telling you again, this is just a Brain Storm, and i dont want any drama or fight :D

Please check the pictures and watch the video to see my Drawing ;)

Thank you Everyone





View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vh5fMwLu6j8


Jul 21, 2015
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“He paid almost 10k USD for this cabinet. Seller shipped to cabinet my Brother in Germany .” WOW..I can buy a lot of love in all the right places with that kind of money…

Regarding the cab - you lost me at LCD


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Jun 2, 2019
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Kodak, TN
I'm honestly shocked to see you're willing to do all of this incredible work again after everything you went through with the mini cute run. Phenomenal work then and damn if you aren't doing some amazing stuff here. I've never been a big fan of the smaller cabinets personally, but the work you do is seriously unmatched. Just like with the cute run, ill be watching from the sidelines, but I hope you're able to get the official SNK license on this one! You do some seriously immaculate work and I can think of no one better to put out an official product like this then you.

Looking forward to following this! :thumbsup: Good luck, and I'll be hoping you get a fat payday after all is said and done; work is worth that and more 10-times-over.