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Apr 23, 2019
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Oulu, Finland
So I had a Neo Geo MVC with just its black plastic case and I was thinking to make a wooden one. But after I could not find a case or model good enough (in my mind), I went to my sons room and noticed some Batman Legos there :rolleyes:

So here it is! Neo Geo MVS-C, LEGO Jokers Lair Edition :P
Took a lot of time to figure out the base, but I think it came through pretty nice!
I'm still waiting my HAS supergun to go with it but I have re-capped the board, got a universe bios on it and took the stereo sounds. Stereo is still not connected since I can't decide do I want those RCA connectors on the side of the plastic or do I hid them some were inside the LEGOs

Gotta say it’s not the most convenient one to move around, but c'mon it has a motherf*king ROLLER COASTER on it :D

The board

And here is the end-result 8)

Them plans..

And the coaster!