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Jul 22, 2015
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Hey everyone,

Ever find the Scotland unlock code on Neo Turf Masters (Neo Geo CD version) annoying to trigger, or are you forgetful like I am and can never remember the (easy) code?

Well, I took some time to make a patch so Scotland is unlocked by default!

No longer do you have to beat all four courses in 1st place in 'Grand Slam' mode to unlock Scotland, or have to remember the secret code.
Instead, to select Scotland at the course selection screen simply hit button 'D'.

Patching instructions: First download 'turfmast_unlock_xdeltas.zip' from attachments, then see below for handling various versions with 'xdelta UI'.
xdelta UI can be found here: https://www.romhacking.net/utilities/598/
IMG/CCD/CUE/SUB: Apply 'img_xdelta.xdelta' on 'turfmastcd.img'
Source SHA1: a751bb2672451b83573d84b33b3b20c7b9858701
Source MD5: 76532637cea2bbaec288420ddb7a09db
Patched SHA1: d41ef33e8ac36035248a263fee0d0b2b6f3c6dd6
Patched MD5: 8dc139fb3fdbd26f4bcbbcce225954e8

BIN/CUE (Verified against Redump hashes): Apply 'track1_scotland_unlock.xdelta' on 'Big Tournament Golf ~ Neo Turf Masters (Japan) (En,Ja) (Track 01).bin'
Source SHA1: 8c8ecf715ffd46c9832d19c4f3ee420cde6c8883
Source MD5: cfef6bd1e352e0a7d223e90f05b3b5c1
Patched SHA1: 9977cfefb8d0a6d213a220867a8396a3286e841f
Patched MD5: c7b953e831d527224a2bee3c2b5ce0e9

MAME CHD (Cracked image CHD): Apply 'turfmast_cracked_to_scotland_unlocked.xdelta' on 'Big Tournament Golf _ Neo Turf Masters (Japan) (En,Ja) (Cracked).chd'
Source SHA1: 7c686f397cb38eb0fa5a49a10e083053d2f39748
Source MD5: fc49a01577a1f2f16dcf79347e5df496
Patched SHA1: 4d3e7639bca4981e2d45365f1a8ae97a8e33a93c
Patched MD5: 91ff951a1ef63f4bff3cbbad750e4882

MAME CHD (Original CHD): If you have 'neo turf masters (1996)(snk)(jp)[big tournament golf].chd' and it matches the hashes below, see instructions underneath:
Source CHD SHA1: 92a3e229d6d94eb94352bdd306cb37c0f3e28788
Source CHD MD5: 417e2fe51b136a8d127b8fb92a185583
Patched CHD SHA1: 97dbf156a268e1012e3ddeb20c51e839d791fa28
Patched CHD MD5: 55e9934d76770799e8343facd3026c85
Use chdman 0.229 (mame0229) to extract 'neo turf masters (1996)(snk)(jp)[big tournament golf].chd'
Then apply 'turfogchd_scotland_unlock.xdelta' on 'turfogunmodified.bin'
$ ./chdman.exe extractcd -o turfogunmodified --input ./roms/turfmast/neo\ turf\ masters\ \(1996\)\(snk\)\(jp\)\[big\ tournament\ golf\].chd
To reconstruct as CHD after patching, use this command:
$ ./chdman.exe createcd -i turfogunmodified -o turfchd

Also attached (see modified_saveram.zip) is a modified saveram file should you wish to use MAME and use that instead of a patched game image.
If you go that route, just place 'saveram' at <MAMEPATH>/nvram/neocdz/saveram.


Happy golfing!


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