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Great! I will take one for sure!

Do you will add the Jamma extender also?
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take as long as you need RGB
i dont even have a cps1(2)
grabbed the kick harnesses anyway so im not bugging you 8 months from now

Put in my name for one just now. Never owned a supergun before but this looks awesome! Is the HD Retrovision Genesis 2 component cable compatible with this, or do I need to grab a different cable?
Edit: Just remembered Genesis 2 is 9 pin not 8, so I PM'd you about adding the HD-15 module to my order. How does that attach to the unit, by the way?
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Blast, looks like I missed the form by two days!

@RGB If all I need are a 3P4P adapter and a CPS2 3P4P harness, is it still possible to put an order in, or should I just keep an eye out for the next wave? Thank you!