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Whats the difference between Ys vs Ts?

Also does this come with soundboard?
Hi Illmatic,

Here what I know about differences:
We all know Mortal Kombat has been created and released in 1992 on Y-Unit.
Y-Unit is still marked as Williams and not as Midway. We are talking about the same company but It seems that Y-Unit board is thicker than the T-Unit (so more robust).
Y-Unit board hosted all the revisions of Mortal Kombat (from the prototype up to the 4.0) except the 5.0, which is the last one released when MK2 was already lunched.
Many possessors of both revisions say that the 5.0 is effectively the 4.0 tweaked to ran on the T-Unit. (3.0 is also a pretty solid revision with Reptile added etc....)
Y-Unit is considered by many to be a more stable board and with less power issues.
T-Unit has more custom components (in fact there are no MK2 bootleg for what I know) . So it would be easier to find components for the Y-unit one.
You cannot run 5.0 rev. roms on Y-unit. But you can run rev. 4.0 on T-Unit.
MK1 sound boards is same for both Y and T units.
Regarding Hack Revisions you will find plenty of them made for the Y-unit but the Turbo Ninja will run just on T-unit (Personally, I am not a fun of the Hack Revs).
Kick harness connector is 12 pin connectors for the Y-Unit and 15 pin connectors for the T-Unit. (So you can use the same Kick harness for MK1 T-Unit, MK2, MK3 and UMK3)
I think Midway port MK1 on T-Unit for commercial reasons as was the latest hardware in that time.
Y-Unit is slightly smaller than T-Unit.
T-Unit is rarer to find than Y-Unit.

Initially, I wanted the T-Unit as I have already got MK2 and UMK3, but I (happily) went for the Y-Unit. Hopefully, I will buy a T-Unit in the future for collection.

If anyone knows any more about it is welcome to share.
The most important reason for the T unit is Mortal Kombat Plus only runs on it. Note it's not out yet and the dev has taken a looooooooong break, but hopefully he'll jump back in to finish it.