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May 3, 2022
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Good evening,

First of all, thanks for accepting me, and thanks for the great work and help you provide in this forum.
I tell you my problems.

I have two outrun 2 spdx cabinets. One works perfectly, with its original lindbergh. Game, steering wheels and servos, all perfect.
I have the problem in the other. It has a patched lindbergh, I don't know how, that starts the game without testing the drive board or the servomotors. I have bought two servos that do not work, I suppose, from what I have read here, that they have to be configured for this machine and that an Italian boy named M4rIo knows how to do it.
I have also patched a lindbergh with DarkSoft's multigame, but I don't know why it doesn't recognize the drive board, and it doesn't go beyond that. So the questions are. I would like at least the drive board to work to have the force feedback, is there a patched version of the game without servomotors but with a drive board.

What I want is two options:

1. Leave everything perfect on the second machine or

2. Leave the two machines with force feedback but without servo motors.

I'm a bit frustrated, help!
You have to set the game in the test menu to be an upright cabinet and its gonna ignore the servos check
Go in Game Assignment and in cabinet type select uplight, that's the upright option. Otherwise in the same menu and on the same option try standard.

It should go Uplight, standard, DX and SDX for the cabinet type
Today I tried to change the type of cabinet, but it doesn't detect the drive board when it starts, I don't understand why, if I put the lindbergh on it with the original game it detects it without problem
Hmm then i don't know. I've only worked on a Rambo cabinet so far.
Haven't worked on a drive cab that runs a Lindbergh before.