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Apr 2, 2019
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I've a bobble bobble bootleg single pcb here. It doesn't look like any other PCB I've found online but the socketable roms dump as Supper Bobble Bobble set 1

It's not booting to game but I hear a brief chime at power up. Also dipA 3 (test mode) gives the crosshatch, ram test and input test all good.

The thermal camera shows the PAL chip beside the edge connectors running very hot at 70 degrees C. It's labelled 16R4. I think I found a GAL version of this on jammarcade.net - It's listed as PAL16R4 @ IC12 there but my pcb has no such IC12 markings.

I flashed it anyway to a GAL and it's not compatible. I just get garbage on the screen and test mode doesn't work anymore.

I found another PAL16R4 in mame in the bbredux set but can't convert pal to gal (old paltogal.exe 16bit app doesn't work). I doubt this version of 16R4 would work anyway.

Would anyone have a GAL 16R4 dump taken from a single board I can check?

It could well be the PAL I have is fine in which case can you help me dump it?
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