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Feb 18, 2021
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Spartanburg, SC USA
Hi there! I apologize if this isn't wholly arcade parts but it is console controls I hacked with arcade in mind.

I have two racing wheels lying around that I modified for use on my Sega driving arcade boards that I no longer need. They are taking up space in my bedroom so these would be excellent to use for test benches or for a casual collector that wants to get into the arcade hobby. I did rewire the Dreamcast wheel to accomodate my own pinout but it is the same as the Mad Catz wheel I sold.

- Dreamcast HKT-7400. $45 + shipping. Pinout below (for use on Model 2/3; you can make your own breakout adapter for other arcade hardware):
  • 1) Start button, Red
  • 2) B Button
  • 3) Not Connected
  • 4) A Button
  • 5) Shift Up
  • 6) Shift Down
  • 7) Wheel axis
  • 8. Gas paddle
  • 9) Brake paddle
  • 10) Gas/brake 5V
  • 11) Gas/brake GND (I rewired the pots completely but it was rewired with screw terminal blocks so not the best but it works!)
  • 12) Steering 5V
  • 13) Steering GND
  • 14) Digital GND
  • 15) Not Connected
I have a breakout adapter I can include with this wheel that plugs to Sega Model 2/3 as per the wiring schematic, but all the GND/5V and analog connectors are on DuPont connectors. Theoretically you can use it on other arcade hardware as well.
- Mad Catz MC2 (Original Xbox). $45 + shipping. Comes with foot pedals which I have wired also. Pinout below: SOLD!
  • 1) Start button (Right Shifter Paddle)
  • 2) D-Pad Up + Left Shifter Paddle (View 1)
  • 3) D-Pad Left (View 2)
  • 4) D-Pad Down (View 3)
  • 5) D-Pad Right (View 4)
(I somehow shorted the face buttons on the controller and couldn't map any of the face buttons, hence I'm letting it go for cheap. Cable is a little loose inside the controller port hole as well but fixable.)
  • 6) Gear Stick Up
  • 7) Gear Stick Down
  • 8. Wheel Axis
  • 9) Gas pedal
  • 10) Brake pedal
  • 11) GND
  • 12) Steering 5V
  • 13) Steering GND
  • 14) Gas/brake 5V
  • 15) Gas/brake GND
If you experience inverted analog controls, just swap +5V and GND on your adapters.
For this one I have an empty breakout I can part with. These would be especially ideal for use on JVS/Naomi stuff but for Model 2/3 you may need a 4 gear shifter with 3 microswitches for most of them in order to do manual.

PM me if you are interested. Thanks ;)


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