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Apr 6, 2016
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Las Vegas
Ok so let's see if we can come up with some kind of total number of carts wanted/needed on this forum.

Let's keep a running total, so add what you are going to buy to the total below.

Estimated Price On These Is About $400

I want one MVS cart.

Current Count:

MVS = 292
AES = 190

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I'd like to buy one MVS multi cart so:
MVS= 8
AES = 0
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Lets not keep filling the thread with 'order lists' though guys, it just adds a load of unnecessary posts to the thread. Maybe use another thread with a poll for that?

Let's keep this thread to talk about the cart and it's development.
Totally agree!

Besides, I think Darksoft might limit sales on the first run to 1 cart per customer to get them out there to as many peeps as possible; it would also help against people trying to resell the carts at a marked up price.
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Please post here all your comments about your interest on making a preorder.
Well, now there is a thread for this, I'm down for one MVS cart for sure :D
I agreed with the comments to limit the preorder to 1 unit(MVS or AES) per user for the first run to allow more members to grab them and avoid resellers.

At the end of the day I want 2 MVS multi.. One on the first run and any on the second run.

But remember my email Darksoft many moons ago to put me at the beginning of the wait list line if you ever decided to make a NEOGEO multi:) don't make me dig out that :thumbsup: email
Interested in 1 x MVS and 1 x AES, although if it is one per customer then I'll take the MVS cheers!
I would like to buy five carts - one for myself and the others for friends that don't participate on forums.
Is this going to be a problem? I'd like to make it clear I'm not a reseller/flipper
1 mvs please

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