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Sep 18, 2016
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Washington DC
So I got a G-Net motherboard and some cheap Mahjong game with it. I boot it up, everything loads and works as it should. I buy Chaos Heat from a member here and he sells it as working and I have no reason to doubt him. I get it, swap the games and CH gets about 20% of the load before throwing an error. I put the first game back in and now it won't get past about 90%. I've tried giving it more power (5.05v) and I did some DEOXIT on the cart pins and the JAMMA edge. The JAMMA edge looks really good, but the card pins looked a little crusty. They are clean as I could get them and none look broken or bent.

Any ideas? The two error screens.


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I should note, the "error" is inside the bar. It appears once the game stops loading.

I believe it says "System Error" in Japanese, inside the bar.
I was thinking about this. Does anyone know if there's a way to basically reset the flash? Or would loading another cartridge theoretically fix a bad flash? What about installing the mod bios and flashing from a cf card?
Hi! :)

I had a similar problem I had a corrupted flash.The only effective way is to unsolder the bios chip, replace it & flash the new bios with the eprom, no choice :thumbup:
The flash chips on these boards are fairly early models and don’t support the same number of rewrite cycles that modern chips do. Therefore much more prone to failure through overuse. Again, this is mostly what @Hammy has determined and he certainly has a better grasp of these things than I do.
Oh man, what bad luck! OK, where are these chips located? Is there a guide somewhere?
Ah yes , this old problem
The usual problem of "converting games"

Board has faults that are not seen with LOW MEG size games (they don't use the upper flash chips)
Basically there's about 6 or 8 of these chips to check, you can either replace them 1 at a time, or run mame and try and narrow it down by watching the ram locations it writes to at the % it's crashing at.
like other said this is likely the flash chips, older flash mem was actually not very reliable. there easily identify witth a big old style intel flash logo
Well, this is a bummer.

Thank you everyone for the info, I'll look on the PCB and see if its within my skill set.

Is there a link to new ones, and hopefully better ones I can buy?