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Oct 28, 2019
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Figured out how to get debug output from the netdimm on Chihiro, flip JP3 & JP4 to 1/2, default they will be in 2/3 and set your serial client to 115200N8.

Here's a output log of the Chihiro booting and then me going into the test menu and running the network test.

And here is me sending a game and the game booting.

Doesn't seem to accept any inputs but who knows.

I've tried looking at getting any output from the Xbox side of things, my idea was the unpopulated DB9 on the base board with the 2 jumpers set to 1/2 but there's no output at all, it's possible this is actually an input. You could also set this to be 2/3 but it's missing 2 jumper resistors and likely a set of 2 chips found elsewhere on the board called "N11" and "P11".


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There exists a backup firmware in the netdimm for Type-3 Chihiros, flip JP1 to 3-2 instead of 1-2. This will drop the firmware version down to 11.00.

Also pretty sure there's a dev firmware for Type-1's hidden on the CF-Updater, there's an extra file called main.0317xd which contains a string "CHIHIRO DEV", this is a VXWorks based firmware not RX850. Someone who can easily recover from a bad flash on a netdimm should try and flash that ;) Could do it easily by just adding "xd" to the end of the version.ini entry file at 0x82D000.
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I'd love to see if someone else can confirm this.

confirm what exactly ? yes, Chihiro (or Triforce) updaters contains DIMM firmware as well, yes it looks 3.17 but not exactly same as regular. no idea about differences, any DIMM firmware have a shit ton of dev/debug features, I barely imagine there can be even more :)
Filterboard pinout on the DIN connector. I didn't bother filling in what the CN* pins actually are, and seem to be missing CN6-7? Maybe NC? Not sure since some manual has this used. Also couldn't figure out how the dipswitches works.


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CN4, CN5, CN6 pinouts for the filter board, 2 are serial and the 11pin is actually a passthrough for USB. (Note, pin 1 (the pin on the bottom (facing the ground) of the connector) is row 1)

The 2 USB connectors on the base board internal to the system and unpopulated will actually work correct soldering headers to them, they map to player 3 and player 4 on the Xbox side.

I've not figured out what the DB9 is yet - it attaches to the 2 unpopulated jumpers, one side of the jumper is fully connected the other is missing a N & P transistor setup (similar setup can be noted next to the supercap CE9).

Another one not alot of people know about is the connector between the VGA port and the AV port is actually a D-Terminal port, it outputs RGB (SoG) normally, you can get it to output YPbPr using the dipswitches but not found the byte in the boot.id to allow this to work - you get an error.

Edit: Updated CN5, identified RTS/CTS.


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If you modify the firmware update to flash "segaboot.img1" instead of "segaboot.img1.s" you'll be flashing a really early revision.

Boot ver: 2.00
Media firmware ver: 0.85 (yep 0 point 85)

There's no boot sound and returning from a game and going into test mode will cause it to say the game is not supported.

This almost seemed to fix the issue I've been having with not saving the game after a reboot with full batteries, it say the game-name it just said it wasn't supported.

Also re: the media board, I'm almost certain the connector on the bottom right is for JTAG, the 5 grounds all connected make me believe this.
Enjoy. Media board jumper info. :)

Mediaboard Jumpers:
JP4 (D: 2&3 - ? (Setting 1&2 causes no boot with alternating flashing red & green)
JP5 (D: 2&3 - (Memory configuration, default 512MB, move JP5 1&2 for 1GB)
JP6 (D: 2&3 - (Moving this one you can set 128MB / 256MB)
JP7 (D: 1&2 - ? (Changing either of these messes up something with memory)
JP8 (D: 2&3 - ? (^)
JP9 (D: 2&3 - (GD-ROM,Network,HDD,NAND)
JP10 (D: 1&2 - (^)

You can get into "HDD" mode by setting the last 2 jumpers to both be 2&3. I don't know what FS it expects, or if has the same type of protections that CF has, I would doubt it since this is something that is on *all* versions of the firmware.

Now if only I could figure out why I can't save netboot games in memory. ;(
Page from the English manual notating the dipswitches. If you change the dips you must also change the boot.id param at offset 0x2C to FF.

Working YPbPr as long as you keep SW2 in the on position. All other positions you can play with not that it'll actually change the resolution in this mode.

So 01XXX011
Having it 'crash' with SW2 off is probably some segaboot thing, Xbox doesn't care about these settings besides 678.


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Using a Xbox SCART cable you can completely bypass the baseboard to produce a clearer video.
Looking at the Ghost Squad cab I done work with, I'd eventually like to ditch the GD-Rom drive to load game data from an SSD. Any idea what additional prerequisites are required I am missing?

The Chihiro unit itself is a type 3 with 512 mb ram but has no network board (Ghost Squad cabs don't come shipped with a network board as the manual states that). Can I burn the 4.00 firmware for Type 3 Chihiro to a flashrom and replace it that way or do I have to netboot to flash the media board firmware?
The mediaboard dump available online is a filesystem structured like this.

segaboot.xbe      : 0
Textures.xpr      : A0000
FontProp.xpr      : B1000
FontFixed.xpr     : C2000
firmware.asic     : E4000
firmware.bin      : FC000
firmware2.bin     : FE000
unk.              : FFE00
segaboot.xbe      : 100000
dsstdfx.bin       : 1BC000
xbox_ac.wav       : 1C3000
tone.wav          : 1E3800
unk_firmware.asic : 1E4000
unk_firmware2.bin : 1FE000