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Sep 21, 2016
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Gold Coast, Australia
I have recently received and spent some time with the new OLED selector made for the Sega 16B Multi Kit by @Frank_fjs. At the time of writing this can be purchased and are shipped directly from Frank, however there are plans in place to make the selectors available to be delivered with your kit to combine shipping.

Disclaimer: The selector reviewed was supplied by Frank and includes additional optional components. Pricing will not be included in this review, here is a link to the purchase thread:


Configuration Reviewed:

- OLED Selector with power and reset wire connections
- IR Remote (Optional)
- Selector Remote Board (Optional) (Review to be updated once correct USB-C cable received)

I will be updating this review once I have a USB-C cable to show the remote board in use and also how the screens appear.


The selector is installed onto the header pins on the multi kit in the direction that leaves the DIP switches uncovered, USB-C connector facing towards the edge connector. DIP switches must all be turned off - I made this mistake and it won't blow anything up but you won't be able to select some games and others will be doubled up. Further instructions are in the thread for the selector.


The selector board has 3 tactile buttons for Up, Down and Select with the Select button indicated with a red button. All buttons require a click to activate to limit potential false activations. There is an IR receiver on the top right of the board and a USB-C connector for connection to the optional remote selector board.

The screen is made up of white OLEDs and is bright and sharp. Logos for each game are included on the selector and stay on the display while the game is being played. When the list of games is scrolled through, the list appears as text only, when a game is selected "NOW PLAYING" flashes on the screen before the logo for that game is displayed. The selector is very responsive and can be very quickly scrolled through to find the game you are looking for.

Reset is automatic via the connection to the board so there is no need to power down the board before a new game can be played.



Remote Selector Board

The remote selector is slightly larger than the main selector board and is a good size for holding in hand. Like the main selector board, it has 3 buttons for Up, Down and Select with a USB-C connector on the top of the unit for connection to the selector.

The same OLED screen is present on this unit and mirrors the display on the main selector. A USB-C cable wired for USB 2.0 data connection is required and not included with the kit and a link to a known working cable from Amazon is included in the purchase thread.


IR Remote

An IR remote can be used to control the selector. On the remote supplied, Channel Up and Down are used to select games and the Power button is used to select. I have the multi kit mounted inside an Astro City cabinet and had no trouble with the door open selecting games from 2m away. While seated at the cabinet I was able to easily point the remote through the door and select a new game.