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Jun 12, 2015
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You are allowed to sell whatever you like here that is arcade related. We ask you to adhere to a few simple yet important rules:

Rule 1: Begin the subject of your sale thread with a suffix. For example, if you are simply selling an item you should use the suffix 'For Sale:' or 'FS:'

Rule 2: You can sell bootlegs but they MUST be clearly identified as such. Preferably in the subject line of your thread. Pictures will help prevent any issues also.

Rule 3: You cannot list an item as untested unless it actually is untested. It is expected that you will list non-working parts as such.

Rule 4: We ask that you do not resell one of the Darksoft or Walsdawg products here while they are still in production or available. This applies to products we design not products we may resell.

Rule 5: We ask that once an item has been sold that you leave the price so that people may refer to it in the future. If you keep a running thread simply list it in the first post somewhere. Example: Neo-Geo cart-----sold! $25

Rule 6: We will not tolerate members poisoning another member's sales thread. This includes 'price policing' which brings us to:

Rule 7: It is the responsibility of the buyer to research and be knowledgeable of the going rate for any particular item. If you are unsure do a 'price check' to gain opinions from other members.

Rule 8: You must always represent your items for sale in a truthful, honest, and non-deceptive fashion. This includes item condition, taking care to mention any obvious blemishes that the buyer might find undesirable.

Rule 9: If a buyer feels they have been scammed or they are unable to amicably resolve a disagreement with the other party a MOD may be assigned to act as a mediator. In this case the decision of the MOD is final.

Rule 10: You cannot sell anything illegal to ship through the mail. This includes but is not limited to drugs, alcohol, firearms, human or animal remains, etc.

Rule 11: Failure to adhere to these simple rules can result in loss of sale forum privileges or banishment from the site altogether.

Rule 12: Anyone who uses the sales or wanted forums must at least have their general location listed in their profile. A post asking for your location is a waste of time.

In order to allow members to get an idea of the type of seller you are you may want to include your eBay seller ID so that other members may feel more comfortable doing business with you.

(Amended 1/26/17)
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