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Nov 10, 2019
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Mold, United Kingdom
Has anyone successfully replaced one of the header connectors (cart sockets) on a Naomi? I have one that had several bent pins on one of the connectors so removed it and took one from a dead board. The pins are held in place by friction contacts by driving them through the holes in the motherboard. I can get the connector on but I always end up with an eighth of an inch gap between the connector and the motherboard. The contact pins are then an eighth of an inch lower to make contact with the cart or DIMM. I am always getting error 22, motherboard passes all tests on its own so assuming error 22 is down to a lack of contact.

I have applied as much force as I dare to drive the pins to the motherboard to close up the gap. If I slip I am going to bend a whole lot of pins. Anyone have a technique I am missing? Any help appreciated.