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Riot City



Wasn't able to add the studs without it looking like crap.


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Wasn't able to add the studs without it looking like crap.
Yea I had the same problem, I did included a few of them and thats why my version is so messy.
I like how you were able to preserve the cleanness of the lines dividing the text (top, middle, bottom).
However what I don't like is your "T"s, if you look at the original the Ts are suppose to look rundown almost dripping with filth at the bottom.
In your version they look like triangles they are so clean, also they are NOT divided at the bottom (they have no more divisions than I's).
Yeah, I think they're supposed to be melting. It's hard to add that kind of detail with just one color in super limited space.
Ok, one last tweak and I'm calling it quits.


I didn't like the last version's angle one L, as well as the fill of Lair being different from Monster. I also made the lettering a bit more clear to read.


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It's hard to add that kind of detail with just one color in super limited space.
Looks like you nailed it (updated the original post, don't think I didn't notice) :D
I approve/its better than mine.
Which platform in particular?

Would be difficult in the sense that I only own the CPS2 and S16 multi. I local friend has offered a loan of the STV multi should I need it.
Start with the easiest and quickest one.

And work your way down the list.

I will buy every one, so put me on the list each right now!

Updated Riot City


Fixed letter width and sharpened a corner. You probably won't notice it, but it bugged the hell out of me.

New Wrestle War


Both look great inverted.

And with that, I'm done as well. This was fun. Thanks!


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You guys really are amazing. I have been wracking my head around how to make pixel art / graphics for the NES which involves 3 colors and a transparency for sprites. I have zero talent for art. But you guys nailed it with black and white! While it doesn't do much for my self-esteem, it does make me happy to eventually get one of these when my turn comes for the Sega 16 multi! Amazing community! Good job!
This is where your case goes:


Separate wired remote board.

Putting a case on the main S16 multi mounted PCB is not practical and it would actually do more harm than good. Best to keep it light and compact as to not place stress on the connector.
It all works well. Mounts securely. I've utilised a 10 pin header which is longer than standard to gain some clearance from the eproms beneath it and strategically placed 2 x 5mm nylon standoffs to provide support on the end opposing the connector.

I'll shoot a crappy mobile phone video of it in action momentarily.

The only change I'm going to make is swapping the micro USB connector to USB C (for connection to the wired remote board).