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Yeah, that is crazy cool. Well done, frank!

(PS. I updated Wrestle War in post 271 :whistling: Be sure to grab that)
Definitely, I want one of these, including remote :)

I think I've read somewhere this will be a solderless install, but I thought the S16 needs a reset line solder, is this correct?

Great work!
Haha, fancy shit my man, nice! :D

Yeah, USB-C instead of micro USB sounds like a good plan.

P.s. don't forget to cover them EEPROM windows :P
Completely solderless, plug n play install.

A 3 pin JST XH connects to the selector PCB, which runs to a 4 pin DuPont style header to CN5 of the S16 motherboard.

Of course, optionally, you can customise the install any way you see fit, with soldering. There's a number of points reset, ground and +5V can be tapped from.
Yeah, that is crazy cool. Well done, frank!

(PS. I updated Wrestle War in post 271 :whistling: Be sure to grab that)

Way ahead of ya
Agreed. I was silly to go with micro, it made sense in my head as I needed something compact with 5 pins.

USB C is just as compact and is reversible which is convenient. Also a lot easier to buy USB C to USB C cables than it is to buy micro USB to micro USB cables. More pins too, I don't need them but handy for future expansion.
Awesome woke @Frank_fjs! I’m totally going to buy the multi just to go with this selector. :D

Please make this for the CPS2 multi and all other multis!! Would this be possible? @Darksoft
Still pending as I need to finalise the design before crunching numbers. At this stage I think the only changes I need to make is swapping the micro USB port over to USB C and I may look at placing the JST connector on the top side of the PCB or even changing it to a standard header pin.

Trying to keep cost as low as possible, which is difficult with the AU dollar tanking against the US dollar, everything is costing me double what it usually does. I may look at bulk sending to Mitsu for US distribution (if he's happy with that) to considerably slash postage costs. Idea being he can simply pop the selector in with your S16 multi.
Either way im definitely looking forward to the release. Now to wait for my buddy to return my soldering iron for the reset line stuff