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Why pin connectors? they tend to have thin/cheap cables - unless you people have a different connector in mind than I do...
I still think that screw terminals are the way to go, people can use nice thick copper cables to the length they desire and be done with it, no need to hunt for proper connectors or cable diameters... there are some nice screw terminals no need to use the cheap/exposed ones...

For myself - I prefer the cleanliness/quickness of a connector. They are easy to make (with different lengths, etc.).

I swap a lot of boards in and out, so it’s faster and easier for a connector.
Opinion alert!

ATX is great. If people want to use arcade power supplies they can, if they want to use ATX they can too. I run lots of power hungry boards where my trusty ATX PSUs go fine and those "recommended" arcade power supplies don't even boot.
Just confirmed that I can be put on the list and will be able to afford a Sentinel once it's reached my place in the queue.

However, I don't know what hat I will need as I do not know what I will be outputting to.
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PCBs are produced and in transit.

The first 10 people who expressed interest will be contacted once everything is ready.

I'll make a formal post in the 'Project Sentinel' forum area with all relevant information.

Spurred on by the excitement of RGC releasing mini 8 DIN cables and in the interest of keeping a unified connection standard across the board for all superguns... I present to you the DIN8 video hat. Also featuring a 3.5mm audio jack which cuts the audio to the DIN connector when in use.


Following up from our conversation about the GBS-8200...

Here is the supergun connected to it, displayed on an old PC LCD screen. VGA output of supergun straight to VGA input of 8200. Threw a scanline generator into the mix as well. Audio comes from the supergun VGA hat's 3.5mm audio connector and is fed directly to the monitor, handy that this monitor has built in speakers.

Works really well.

Wow, looks great! Thanks for confirming and documenting it for me! Can't wait to get my hands on one of these bad boys, I only regret I couldn't get in the queue sooner. By the way, @xodaraP used to confirm people were added to a list but I haven't been confirmed by them yet. I assume the queue is a bit long at the moment so I don't know what to expect.
I thought I did confirm you, you are definitely on the list though!

We'll be posting the list at some stage once things are finalised, @Frank_fjs is waiting for the first round of final boards to arrive and then they'll need to be assembled and tested
Assembling the first one is always a special moment :thumbup:

I see that there's the CXA on the supergun, so are the RGB signals going through the CXA and then to the THS, or are they shared between the two?
It's definitely emotional. Taking a break and using it for its intended purpose, playing some games!

@RGB, thanks! :)

The CXA is only used for the composite and s-video generation, it doesn't process RGB at all in terms of RGB video output. Only the RGB inputs are active, the outputs are not connected.

RGB goes through the pots and then the THS7374. Sync goes through a fixed resistor voltage divider, then the THS7374 and finally runs through the LM1881.
Ok, so the RGB signals are shared between the CXA and THS. I thought the 75 Ohm resistors were for the CXA output, but if I get this correctly they act as 75 Ohm termination for the CXA?