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Mar 10, 2020
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Winnipeg, Canada
Looking to trade a very nice and clean condition Juno First and manual.

Interested in lots of stuff in the vein of (assuming I don't already have it):

CPS2 boards
Neo Geo carts
Naomi 1/2 setup and carts
20" PVM with RGB - Willing to drive ~8ish hours from Winnipeg to pick it up (maybe more, I'm an idiot and I don't want to keep checking Kijiji and Facebook Marketplace daily for one of these stupid things), border is opening in 2 weeks so this would be feasible-ish if you're in the north central US.
Bubble Bobble
4 player 90s-ish games

I don't know, I'm sure there are other things I would consider. I hate pricing stuff, this thing is pretty rare so making a fair assessment of what it's worth is proving a bit tough, and prices are stupid right now -- so I'd rather do a swap. But like if you're in Bulgaria, really need this, and shipping me stuff would make a swap not worthwhile then you can have this thing for $680 USD plus shipping. Is this high? Probably. Obscenely? Probably not? What do I know, but it's your money so you can spend it however you like, and I'll just end up using it for other stupid stuff I don't really need.

Board - Very nice, very clean. Works like a champ. And would you look at that, it even has original feet!:


Manual and ephemera from Mylstar ... you're not fooling me Gottlieb!:


And finally, apologies as I am very obviously not a cinematographer -- though you get the idea, it works a treat: