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did you get your hands on this I / O? Bad….
If for some reason it has failed you will have practically 0 chance of finding it as a spare part, unfortunately these arcade cabinets are quite problematic! Have you reprogrammed the 2 Panasonic? If so, how?
Hey that looks very familiar. Ha.

I have plenty of the bottom boards, and we have some different top boards. Aren't the same though
Alright, so back story.

Our arcade is the remains of the closed SEGA Republic in Dubai. Everything was bought as-is. We've been open for 18 months, and I started there 4 months ago. First arcade job. They were in such a rush to open, they just set everything up, checked if it turned on, and then moved on to the next game. Nothing was linked, etc.

I came in, got a feel for tech work, then got all multiplayer games linked (except for Speed Driver 5, it just won't link) and then restored a broken After Burner Climax from the back, and then restored the 3rd car on Outrun 2 SDX SP.

We've had many a games that have reached a non-repairable state, before I was there, and they just threw them into the back storage room, very sad sight. When we were told that we needed to clear out the storage room because the building was going to rent it out, I got to work. They were not intending to do so, but I couldn't just let them go to the scrapyard.

From every game that was getting tossed, I grabbed;
  • The Lindbergh itself. (~20, mixed red and yellow)
  • I/O Boards.
  • PSUs
  • Control Assemblies (steering, pedals, shifters) if they matched games we already had.
  • etc.
Those boards that I showed you in my last post are from a House of the Dead 4 Special, and 2 Let's Go Jungle Special cabs that were trashed in shipping and I salvaged whatever I could. We have a working cab of each of those, so those also work for backups to that.

So when I kind of pinpointed that that board was going bad I went and "shopped" my stockpile and found those boards.
ese es el problema, hay que programar la panasonic con los parametros correctos, he reprogramado muchas de ellas, te podria ayudar a hacerlo, pero deberias enviarme la placa del servodriver a italia… donde estas?
O si tienes la posibilidad de programarlo de forma independiente, te puedo pasar el archivo de configuración.
Hello M4rio, I have the same problem. Could you tell me how to program two servos that I have bought so that the machine works?
So I'm back at it and trying to add motion back To these guys. I have noticed a fair amount of misconnections with transformer inputs across multiple machines. The former techs never connected them properly, but just left what was connected from Dubai. I am trying to see how to measure these, at the motion controller, to make sure these are connected properly.


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