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Selling off some of my cave pcbs, will post titles/pics later tonight.
Might be loose pcbs, with or without arts, box, etc...not sure yet.

Found :
Espgaluda (with arts/pop)
Futari BL

Next to dig up:
Pink Sweets
and a few others

Not cave but will put up here
JP Night Slashers

Im not putting up prices or pics yet, im just pulling out the boards as I find them, I have a lot of bins with tons of boards. Takes me a while cause all my boards are wrapped in several layers of the pink antistatic bubblewrap, etc.
Definitely interested in Futari Black Label!
Derick post-sale:

A Derick For Sale thread is always peak AP entertainment :rolleyes:

Requesting everyone join me in a moment of silence for Dericks annual DM massacre :P While you won't see me in it, your inbox will be in my thoughts/prayers
Relax guys, I havent even put up prices. I still got test and see what arts, etc i have for the boards.
No way, can't relax, must buy PCBs......

Don't forget that now uncle sam will be taking a peek at all that sweet $$$$ coming your way via PayPal. I'm willing to give you cash, just saying...
Look I know this account looks like a bot but I've been sniped the last five times a board I'm after has surfaced.

It's also a very slow day at work.
Interested in Futari BL and MMP definitely.
Kinda late but i'd be interested.
Looking for any Mushi, Deathsmiles, DDP.
Kinda late but i'd be interested.
Looking for any Mushi, Deathsmiles, DDP.
I get why you feel like you’re kinda late based on the way others are dibsing things left and right but he hasn’t even posted prices yet. But maybe I’m naive and deals are being worked out in DMs.